06 September - 30 November 2014

Norman Leto: Sailor

Polish director Norman Leto's feature-length film is a portrait of an egotistical, politically incorrect, misanthropic academic. This anti-hero is played by Leto himself, and may represent his alter ego. The protagonist presents three ‘lectures’ on various neurological, philosophical, sociological, and anthropological issues, illustrated by computer-generated models. The film begins with a lecture titled The Brain of a Genius Vs. That of an Idiot: Morphological Differences in Anatomy. A loose plot begins to form as we realise that the narrator is dealing with a failing relationship, while masking his own insecurities. Moving freely from the microcosmic (the structure of the mind) to the macrocosmic (the social and political) via the personal (his relationship with his girlfriend, Nel), he rationalises his contempt for others.

City Gallery Chief Curator Robert Leonard says, "At one point, Sailor’s protagonist explains how and why the level of homosexuality in society must be maintained at no less than three per cent, no more than ten. Sometimes the film’s explanations of life, the universe, and everything seem almost plausible. These days, genetics and neuroscience lend support to all manner of views we find morally repugnant. The scary thing is that it could be true."

Leto has participated in exhibitions and film festivals, including British British Polish Polish: Art from Europe’s Edges in the Long ‘90s and Today, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (2013), 2011 Athens Biennale, 2011 Bradford International Film Festival, 2011 Marseille International Festival of Documentary Film, and 2007 Biennale of New Talents in the European Art Scene, Paris. His solo exhibitions include Sailor, Galeris Kameralna, Slupsk (2011), Sailor Sailor, Kolonie Gallery, Warsaw (2010), Buttes Monteaux 3, National Museum, Krakow (2009), Half of a Set of Twins, Galeria Arsenal, Poznan (2008), and The Negative Aspects of Excessive Freedom at Twenty-Six Years of Age, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (2007).

Norman Leto is represented by Stereo Gallery, Warsaw. Sailor featured in the 2014 Biennale of Sydney.