19 October 2013 - 09 February 2014

Sound Full: Sound in Contemporary Australian and New Zealand Art

Sound Full draws together sixteen artists working in Australia and New Zealand, who seek to extend and reframe art with the understanding that all art is already ‘sound full’. The exhibition is intent on listening to art in its totality; it does not seek a specific type of art, but rather acknowledges the sound already present in contemporary art.

Every work of art, regardless of type or media, engages its audiences in a multimodal sense experience. This might be straightforward when one is absorbed in a video art work, but it is not always so obvious when standing in front of a more traditional form of practice, such as painting.

Through a diverse series of audio outcomes, the artists in Sound Full produce contemporary art in which sound is a material component of their practice. By broadening our understanding of the role of sound in art we are able to hear and in turn think about sound as not being separate or divorced from vision.  

Sound Full is a touring exhibition generated by the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, the first in an annual series that focus on specific areas, ideas and media in contemporary practice.  This exhibition format is designed to bring new approaches to the display, discussion and materialisation of shows with the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

Works by the following artists are presented in Sound Full:

  • Vicky Browne
  • Philip Dadson
  • Robin Fox
  • Marco Fusinato
  • Michael Graeve
  • Brent Grayburn 
  • David Haines and Joyce Hinterding
  • Eugene Hansen, Jenny Gillam and Dr Kron
  • Michael Morley
  • Kusum Normoyle
  • Thembi Soddell
  • Torben Tilly and Robin Watkins

Curated by Caleb Kelly and Aaron Kreisler