Golden book of spells


It has been a big week for artist Rohan Wealleans, his work has been described as ‘magnificent’ by London based newspaper the  Guardian, he is currently exhibiting with Sara Lucas at Sadie Coles Off Site and he published a ‘Golden Book of Spells’.

Titled Apocalyptic Intuition, the book is divided into four acts; Conception, family history, Alien Abduction, the early years, Training spells and Final Battle.

It provides a pathway through the exhibition currently on at City Gallery Wellington, each painting is reproduced alongside an accompanying text that propels the narrative, relays a spell, or provides a blow-by- blow account of the final battle.

Curator Aaron Lister says ‘With each new body of work, Wealleans channels or possesses a different persona or character, getting outside himself to free up the act of making and to enter new realms. Here it is the monumental Wizard of Forgotten Flesh, a caster of spells and holder of arcane magic who stands in for the artist and the transformations he enacts in the studio.’

‘I love this book so hard. I wish I could rush home and hold it in my hands’ says artist Rohan Wealleans down the phone line from Amsterdam.

His show ‘Inderdentant Prestige’ opened yesterday and today his is on his way to Kassel, then Rotterdam for more art related fun. ‘It is really exciting to have two European shows’ continues Rohan.

With such a successful run it seems like the Wizard has cast a spell on his master.

Apocalyptic Intuition comes with an explicit content warning, and retails for $15.00 from City Gallery Wellington.

Thanks to Hamish McKay Gallery, Ivan Anthony Gallery and Grafik