Julian Dashper & Friends blog series: Erica van Zon


Image: Erica van Zon and Julian Daspher, 2003. Photo: Bjorn Houtman.

Erica van Zon shares her memories of Julian Daspher with us. She writes:

Julian was a tutor of mine at AUT in 1999 and 2000. Whilst he was away on a residency at the Chinati Foundation Marfa,Texas, he inspired his former students to apply for internships at Chinati, which I quickly followed up on. After I came back from Texas, I became firm friends with Julian and trusted him as a mentor.

In 2010, there was an open call at Minus Space, New York to write memories of JD for an exhibitionhere is an excerpt from a piece I wrote titled Some Things I Remember About Julian Dashper (Objects and places, light, moments).

Julian and Marie loved collecting those Italian wooden novelty Pinocchios, in fact I was lucky enough to get one when Julian and Bjorn Houtman bought one for me in Venice. I had forgotten about them for a while, until I re-noticed that there were masses piling up on top of the fridge at Julian and Marie’s: big ones, little ones, spare parts and Gondolier Pinnochios. They remind me of more about Daventry Street: Julian, Marie, Leo, (stories, red wine, cats named after people and artists, perfect wooden art furniture, amazing fish dishes, fresh Christmas cake, herb tea, classic charm, art books, Donald Judd, golden light, Jacqueline du Pré, train-flattened pennies, Bob Dylan concert stories, a mind the wet paint sign to stop people going through the front door, weekend visits from a friend’s fox terrier, Dutch Delft, country music, “Don’t stop making art”, bringing the world to the kitchen table) and friendship than they do about Italy now.

Re-reading this makes me miss my twenties, when it felt like there were less distractions and more 'hang out time'. We spent precious long afternoons talking, with lots of reflection on the life of the artistimportant as a young artist starting out and a key concern of Julian's in his work.

Image: Erica van Zon, William Hsu and Julian Dashper (Julian showed us cafe etiquette, how to put on sunblock, and also how to stay fit). Photo: Kylie Duncan.