Lisa Munnelly - Motherboard


Media Release: August, 2010. 

A chance to see Lisa Munnelly at work in the Hirschfeld Gallery

Visitors will get the opportunity to see artist Lisa Munnelly actively creating her work Motherboard (2010) in the Hirschfeld Gallery between August 23 and 27 2010. The public and the media are invited to watch Motherboard, a large black rectangle of dense charcoal, being drawn directly onto the gallery’s wall during the first week of Munnelly’s exhibition, Slowburner.

Lisa Munnelly’s progress will be photographically documented over the course of the first week. These photos of Motherboard’s creation will be progressively installed as part of the exhibition to give those who missed the performance a sense of the work’s intensive production period and the physicality of Munnelly’s drawing processes.

This work will be accompanied by two further large-scale charcoal works Descent (2010) and Traverse (2010), and two video works, The Fullness of Emptiness (2003) and Sweeping Vistas (2003), which are documentation of earlier performances.

Munnelly is fascinated by the properties of charcoal and in Slowburner this medium is layered, poured and swept up. The process of these actions is central to this artist’s work, which suggests the act of drawing does not result in a static outcome but is an impermanent surface.

Munnelly will be working in the Hirschfeld Gallery daily from 23-27 August and audiences are invited to check back in as the work unfolds over this week. Slowburner will be fully open for audiences to view the results of the completed work from 27 August-12 September 2010.

Lisa Munnelly is a Wellington-based artist who has exhibited throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand. She currently teaches at the Institute of Design for Industry and Environment at Massey University Wellington.