Max Gimblett- The Brush of All Things


Media Release: December, 2004. 

Max Gimblett is one of New Zealand’s most internationally prominent and successful artists. Born in Auckland in 1935, Gimblett has lived in New York since 1972. Despite living offshore, Gimblett has maintained strong connections with New Zealand, returning often to visit and paint, and regularly showing in New Zealand galleries.

The Brush of All Things is the first survey show of Gimblett’s work to tour New Zealand. The exhibition is curated by respected art historian and curator Wystan Curnow.

Gimblett’s work is rich and inventive, drawing on a wide range of sources. Curnow says: “Max is emotional – the work embodies a mighty spectrum of feeling and he doesn’t shy from big themes. Violence, sacrifice and death; fear and awe; beauty, pleasure, peace and joy – all play a role.”

The Brush of All Things presents a selection of Gimblett’s work, chosen to demonstrate the breadth of his practice. From elegant canvases that reveal Gimblett’s devotion to the beautiful, to his humorous self portraits, the exhibition gives audiences an insight into this important artist’s work.

The exhibition also features a 30 minute film that records one of Gimblett’s intense painting sessions, vividly catching the very physical nature of his painting.