Meet our Hosts - Steve McVey


In the second of our series of blogs introducing the City Gallery front of house team, we meet Steve McVey. And here he is in selfie-style, a reminder to enter our Starling Selfie Competition on Instagram.

Steve McVey, City Gallery front of house team

How long have you worked at City Gallery and what attracted you?
I’ve only been here since November last year, working 23 hours a week. I’d been away from New Zealand since 1997 but on my visits home,  I always really enjoyed the inspirational exhibitions that City Gallery had on.  It’s a great place to work and an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by this calibre of art.

What are you doing when you are not at the gallery?
I am a photographer with a Masters in Photography from Goldsmiths College in London. I’m particularly interested in the social use of photography and one of my projects when I’m not at City Gallery is to offer photography workshops for at-risk community groups. I am also working on a project around how people fill the void in their lives created by loss - using photography to reconstruct narratives of identity.

With a friend, an exhibition of American landscapes is also underway.

What does your job encompass?
My role is to make people feel comfortable here – I guess to take the fear away. I provide extra assistance to visitors if they want it; making access to the gallery and our exhibitions as easy as possible. I’ve also just started hosting tours of the Simon Starling exhibition – and I love it!

What else do you particularly enjoy about working here?
I am really interested in the education side of a gallery’s role so I enjoy helping people engage with the works. I also find the induction and training phase we are offered at the start of each exhibition amazing – a priceless opportunity to have  access to the artists.

In your short time with us, is there an exhibition you feel passionate about?
I absolutely love the Eggleston works in South of no North. That exhibition opened the week I started – so I felt like I had all my ducks lined up!  I’ve done a lot of research on Eggleston so I will be sad to see it close (this weekend).

Rachel Healy, Communications Manager