Seung Yul Oh's The Ability to Blow Themselves Up

Year 3 students at Te Aro School in central Wellington are getting ready for their school visit to City Gallery by watching Seung Yul Oh’s video, The Ability to Blow Themselves Up on our website. You can tell they are already incredibly inspired by Oh's work, before they have even stepped foot in the door. Enjoy these beautiful poems by them:

Nervous eyebrows
Anxious eyes
Piercing noises
Blown away!
By Nina 

Blowing up balloons
Getting bigger and bigger
Getting nervous
Balloons explode with a bang
People surprised
By Zach

Big balls going up
About the sky
Pop pop! They are popping
Pop pop pop pop!
Opening up, pins hurting
Pop pop pop pop!
Nervous hearts, eyes full of fright.
Snap it has popped!
By Jethro

It’s going to pop.
I feel nevous and .. POP!
I felt surprised
Eyebrows go up. Mouth opens up.
My heart was beating very fast and went like this:
Boom Boom Boom Boom
I really had a big fright!
By Istabraq

Claire Hopkins, Gallery Educator