More MOAMOA Poetry


Seung Yul Oh's MOAMOA, A Decade

Earlier in the month we brought you poetry from students at Te Aro School, here's a poem from a grown up. Arianna Sikorski wrote this while lying on Seung Yul Oh's work Sphere Square:

Serenity's Playtime with Seung Yul Oh
by Arianna Sikorski © Copyright 2014

If you do not climb
up serenity's playful mountain,
then you
will never find childish delight.

Awaken the brilliant energy of inhibition,
fall back to enveloped assurance,
and know all you are
that is hidden, is lovely.

It begs
to be played with.
It pleads
to be known.

Do not neglect
the energetic,
the sparkling laughter
of champagne bubbles.

Some may judge you
in your new sporadic behavior,
but you know otherwise.
Edified, there is no limit.

And now that you have been held,
been comforted,
been given room to play,
there is no turning back.

There is no wall
of boundary not broken,
and you can giggle
at the enchanted.