Nine Years of DesignWorks Time


Media Release: September 2008

Wellington designers help paste-up Gallery before closing

It’s been a nine year partnership, showcasing some 214 artists, now it’s time for DesignWorks to have their own show in the Michael Hirschfeld Gallery. For Nine Years of DesignWorks Time: an exhibition of exhibition posters, 9-19 October, the entire gallery will be pasted in posters by gallery designers and sponsors DesignWorks, before it temporarily closes for City Gallery’s building development. The much loved MHG will be back in September 2009 in a new custom-designed gallery space on the 1st floor, part of the larger new-look City Gallery designed by architect Stuart Gardyne of Architecture+.

Nine Years of DesignWorks Time not only celebrates the many artists, curators and designers who have worked with the Gallery, but salutes its very own Wellington designers. DesignWorks have sponsored the Gallery since 1999, a series of their young talented designers consistently turning out promotional posters and marketing material to tight deadlines – all in their own time. The posters in the exhibition have been chosen by the designers currently working at DesignWorks, in conversation with others who have moved on. Current designers will also be involved in the installation of the show, pasting up the posters selected. The names of all the artists involved since 1999 will be included on the exhibition signage.

To many young designers, ‘in your own time’ is a familiar phrase when it comes to pro bono creative work. Often the brief must be completed outside of regular work hours, squeezed around fee–paying jobs, and the ‘client’ relationship is built around transactions of time and talk, rather than commercial exchange. With a monthly turn-around and a diverse range of artists and designers to profile, the Michael Hirschfeld Gallery may have seemed a demanding client at times. Nine Years of DesignWorks Time is testament to the originality of DesignWorks’ designers who have produced stunning posters for Hirschfeld artists like Gavin Hipkins, Seraphine Pick, Taika Waititi, Wayne Youle, Terry Urbahn, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Martin Thompson, Regan Gentry, Sarah Jane Parton, Katherine Smyth and Rachael Rakena, to name just a few.