Pet Peeves and Simple Pleasures


Grant Stevens, Brisbane artist

Brisbane artist Grant Stevens is fascinated by words and phrases he finds on the Internet. He's incorporated the concept of 'simple pleasures' into one of the videos, part of his exhibition What We Had Was Real, upstairs at City Gallery until Saturday. Grant was curious to hear what really bothers, or delights, our visitors so we put the word out on social media. Here are some of the responses: 

Simple pleasures

Peanut butter on Granny Smith apple slices.

The smell of new books.

Receiving mail.

Clean sheets.

Starting a good book.

Watching snow falling and a hot cup of tea in the morning.

The feeling of removing a layer of lint from the lint screen in the tumble-dryer.

Wellington on a crisp sunny day in the middle of winter.

The very first sip of your first cup of tea in the morning.

Going into a movie theatre when it's light and leaving when it's dark.

Fire crackling in the fire-place.

Hand grinding coffee beans.

Popping bubble wrap.

Pet Peeves

When people say 'there is nothing worse than...'

10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife!

People cracking their fingers.

Switches on power points left on when nothing is plugged in.

People leaving crumbs on the bench.

The bus coming early and missing it.

When someone leaves 1mm of milk left in the container and you have to open a whole new one.

The volume being played too loud on the TV or radio, or even at a show or venue.

Stepping on Lego.

The word "platter".

Using 'your' instead of 'you're'.

Using the last of the toilet paper and not replacing the roll.

That crunching sound of popcorn munchers in the cinema.

Popcorn piece

Rachel Healy, Communications Manager