Q+A with Riki Gooch


Riki Gooch, Wellington musician

Wellington- based musician Riki Gooch will be performing at our event Toi te Reo on Wednesday 23 July. We caught up with Riki last week and asked him a few questions about himself as a musician and what he'll be playing at Toi te Reo.

Q: Where did your interest in music come from?

A : To be honest I don't know where my interest in music came from or what kicked it off. I felt like music just flopped out of the sky one day. I grew up in quite a rough part of Dunedin when I was a kid, so I felt it was safer to stay inside our house listening to records rather than going outside too much.

Q: Critics and colleagues have sung your praises – who do you think best sums you up as a musician?

A: I think my children sum me up the best. They are a hard audience to impress!

Q: You’ve already worked with a lot of great musicians both locally and internationally, who else would you really love to work with?

A: I would love to work with Leila Adu again. I worked on her album Cherry Pie about nine years ago and that is still the album I'm most proud of. I also got to work with LA based singer/producer Seven Davis Jnr for my album this year and I have been sending him percussion stems over the internet for his music.

Q: What’s your most memorable musical experience of the past year?

A: I haven't done a lot of music in the past year as I have been flipping pies at Scopa. My musical output has decreased by 70%, which has been great for restocking the inspiration pantry. But from what I have done this year ; making an EP with my pal Christoph El Truento, Doing a musical response to Colin McCahon with my friends at Te Papa, playing/hanging with Sam Hunt on his tour.

Q: What can we expect to hear at Toi Te Reo?

A: I’m not sure how to describe the music in words, without reaching for a huge pile of onomatopoeias, but I would like to do some based around the voice. Whatever that will be. My daughter Maia, who is eight, is going to perform with me, which is a dream come true.

Q: What’s next on the cards for Riki Gooch?

A: I have an album coming out on a Japanese label called Wonderful Noise under the moniker Cave Circles in September. I am still working on a big project about Kapiti Island and I want to get that done by the end of this year. Apart from that I'm not sure what the future holds for me musically and I like it.

Q: Any words of wisdom for aspiring musicians?

A: Live life first, then do music. Do music because you have to, not because you can. Listen.