Round two 2013 (and beyond) at City Gallery Wellington


Earlier in the year, we posted some info about what was coming up at City Gallery in 2013. There was a lot to let you know about and the first half of the year has streamed by in a flash of exhibitions, openings, performances, late nights, departures, announcements, cups of coffee, stairwell meetings, and emails.

Things aren’t letting up any time soon (which is the way we like it), and our programme for the second half of 2013 is looking pretty darn excellent, so we thought it was high-time we filled you in on what’s coming up.

We look forward to the arrival of Sound Full in October, a group show which will travel up from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery where it was curated by visiting academic Caleb Kelly and Aaron Kriesler. The show is expansive, and includes sixteen artists from Australia and New Zealand: Vicky Browne; Philip Dadson; Robin Fox; Marco Fusinato; Michael Graeve; Brent Grayburn; David Haines; Eugene Hansen, Jenny Gilliam and Dr Kron; Joyce Hinterding; Michael Morley; Kusum Normoyle; Thembi Soddell; Torben Tilly and Robin Watkins. Sound Full includes sculpture, installation, film and performance and reveals the way sound is embedded in contemporary art’s multitude of forms.

In September, the South Gallery will be inhabited by a group show curated by Abby Cunnane. Four New Zealand artists, John Ward-Knox, Andrew Barber, Nicola Farquhar, and Nick Austin will be brought together in New Revised Edition, which will look at some alternative directions in contemporary painting.

After the season of Gregory Crewdson: In a Lonely Place comes to a close in September, the North Gallery will host a series of exhibitions of new work from New Zealand artists. First up is Fiona Amundsen’s Operation Magic, a photographic re-imagining of Pearl Harbour. Amundsen is followed by painter Georgie Hill and multi-media artist Shigeyuki Kihara.

Looking all the way into 2014, it is with much excitement that we announce British artist, Simon Starling’s exhibition In Speculum will be staged at City Gallery during the International Festival of the Arts in 2014. In Speculum is a joint project with the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane and Monash University Museum of Art in Melbourne and brings the art of Turner prize-winning artist Simon Starling to Wellington for the first time.

For now, over the winter months, we are more than happy to be kept company by the swooping birds of Shane Cotton: The Hanging Sky and the intricate photographs of Gregory Crewdson: In a Lonely Place.

Artists’ Film International is also running in our Adam Auditorium for its fifth season. This series is a collaborative project with fourteen international galleries including Para/Site in Hong Kong, Project 88 in Mumbai, and the Center for Contemporary Art in Kabul. This season, two video works from Murray Hewitt (recently exhibited here in the North Gallery) are the New Zealand contribution and will be travelling around the world with the project.

Upstairs in the Hirschfeld Gallery, Ruth Thomas-Edmond, Melissa Irving, Heather Hayward and Marnie Slater think about the possibilities inherent in ideas of movement, performance and falling in the group exhibition How to Fall, and later in the year Wellington artist Erica van Zon will exhibit new work.

In the Deane Gallery currently Sheyne Tuffery re-imagines matai (Samoan chiefs) for the twenty-first century, after which the Deane is entering a new phase. In response to this a new programme has been established whereby a number of Māori and Pacific curators will use the space —both conceptual and physical— to realise specific projects, initiate or extend research, open conversations, and test ideas. The first guest curators are Ane Tonga, Huhana Smith and Geraldine Barlow.

Square2, the video art monitors in City Gallery’s entranceway, has an international line up of video works to surprise you as you walk into the Gallery. These include Edinburgh-based artist Catherine Street and Melbournian Linda Tegg. In October the space will be taken over by work in Sound Full.

Needless to say, we are running a selection of public events for all of our shows, including artist talks, film screenings, school holiday programmes, panel discussions and gigs. Keep your eye on and our Twitter and Facebook for the most up-to-date info.

Gregory Crewdson: In a Lonely Place (15 June–8 Sept)

Shane Cotton: The Hanging Sky (15 June–6 Oct)

Artists’ Film International (15 June–29 Sept)

How to Fall: Ruth Thomas-Edmond, Melissa Irving, Heather Hayward and Marnie Slater (29 June–1 Sep)

Sheyne Tuffery: Ghost in the Machine (29 June–1 Sept)

Square2: Catherine Street, Linda Tegg

Pokazuka g.bridle (7 Sep – 10 Nov)

Deane Guest Curated Project No 1: Ane Tonga Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Janet Lilo (7 Sep – 10 Nov)

Sound Full (19 Oct–9 Feb)

New Revised Edition (24 Sept–1 Dec)

Fiona Amundsen (24 Sept–24 Nov)

Georgie Hill (30 Nov–26 Jan)

Deane Guest Curated Project No 2: Huhana Smith Rae ki te Rae / Face to Face (16 Nov– 26 Jan)

South of No North (14 Dec – 9 March)

Shigeyuki Kihara (1 Feb–30 March)

Erica van Zon (16 Nov– 26 Jan)

Simon Starling: In Speculum (22 Feb–18 May)

Deane Guest Curated Project No. 3: Geraldine Barlow, John Miller (1 Feb – 13 April)