Sean Kerr: Music 4 20 Computers


Media Release: June, 2004. 

A performance by Sean Kerr and 20 members of the public on a computer orchestra, as part of Telecom Prospect 2004: New Art New Zealand

Sean Kerr offers visitors a unique opportunity to give their computer a break from school assignments and budgeting programmes by making it part of an electronic orchestra at City Gallery Wellington on Saturday 26 June at 3pm.

Sean Kerr has always been interested in allowing audiences to interact with his work. On previous occasions, visitors have been made part of his works, triggering imaginary bullets when they enter a gallery, or ‘driving’ birds around a digitised Don Binney painting.

For Telecom Prospect 2004: New Art New Zealand Kerr has concocted ‘Music 4 20 Computers’. Members of the public are invited to bring their Mac or home PC to City Gallery this Saturday. Kerr will load a basic sound programme onto these computers and then conduct the computer orchestra, playing a composition he has written for the occasion.

Emma Bugden, curator of Telecom Prospect 2004, says this work “brings art, music and technology together in one enthusiastic gesture, connecting directly with a community of computer users.”

Participants need only a computer and enthusiasm – no musical experience is required. 

Sean Kerr’s performance ‘Music 4 20 Computers’ is presented as part of Telecom Prospect 2004: New Art New Zealand, City Gallery Wellington’s survey show of the freshest, most innovative artwork currently being produced in New Zealand. Curated by Emma Bugden Telecom Prospect 2004 takes a look at the artists who have made, or are likely to make, an impact on the thinking and identity of our time.

Telecom Prospect 2004: New Art New Zealand

City Gallery Wellington