#WellyPhotoForum Instagram Winners


Exhibition History in the Taking: 40 Years of PhotoForum included examples of street and architectural photography made in Wellington over the last four decades by artists like Peter Black, Lucien Rizos and Julian Ward. We invited Instagrammers to add their own take to this tradition by posting to Instagram a photograph that captures a perspective on the people, the buildings, cultures or activities that represent contemporary Wellington with the #‎WellyPhotoforum‬ Instagram Competition.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

Following are the winners of the compeition — selected by Nina Seja, editor of PhotoForum at 40: Counterculture, Clusters and Debate in New Zealand.

Winner @Matt__Thomas

Judge's comments: "At once chilly and nostalgic, this photograph captures the enclosed and oceanic Wellington feel." 

Second - @MikeClick

Judge's comments: "Buoyant, exuberant, wistful, and in the tradition of great Wellington street photographers like Julian Ward." 

Third - @ThinkFastest 

Judge's comments: "A palette more than a picture. A mood. A vibrant, cluttered space that calls up the imprint of an evening." 

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This competition was held in association with our recent exhibition, History in the Taking: 40 Years of PhotoForum.