What you were saying about us in June


Here's what you thought of us this month...

The current exhibits are the best I've seen in the gallery. Love it!

We don't really like most of what's on offer in the gallery, but we're informed enough to realise that that's not what contemporary galleries are about. I think the Gallery could do better with some of its exhibition choices, but I realise sometimes things don't quite go off.

Loved the Seung Yul Oh exhibition Moamoa - the most fun I've had in an art galley for ages.

Always a fave place of mine to visit when in Wellington.

We didn't really read labels etc, we just looked at the works and found our own way around, except when we needed guidance from your excellent and friendly staff members on the floor and behind the front desk.

Steve gave me a tour of the exhibition on Sunday. He was very good, friendly, and is handsome with a great beard!

Some of the info on displays were hard to find. Not very obvious.

I enjoy the unpredictability of what you will find at the gallery.

The Len Lye still hands down fave though. Oops! a novella.....

Whenever we visit we always find something interesting, which is what we're after. If we don't like what's on offer we can have a rant afterwards about why we didn't like it, which is also good.

The biggest thing that puts me off is the descriptions on display about an exhibition and its artworks. They come across like extracts from an academic art journal, which may perhaps
serve to add a sense of legitimacy to the gallery, but I don't think they help the cause of being accessible to the general public.

It was exciting for the kids to experience interactive art.

Looking forward to blowing myself up! (bursting balloons)

Over my time that I have been in Wellington, City Gallery is the only place that I recommend to everyone that I meet.

The staff are easy to engage with and I love how they will tell you about what they see in the art displayed and what other staff members have also seen in the art.

I think you do a fabulous job.

I think on your Tuatara evening you mentioned dumplings and beers and blowing up balloons but also said lots more. i was unclear what lots more was and didn't see or hear about what else was on offer.

We love City Gallery! I've been taking our son since he was a babe (he's now 3.5), and now we bring his baby brother too.

The staff were very friendly and helpful.

I can't say I noticed much signage.

Less video art- never been a fan.

The exhibitions were not what I was expecting, and seemed a little 'lame', compared to modern art I've seen in Europe (London, Newcastle, Copenhagen) and Canada (Toronto, Ottawa), and even Christchurch gallery, which I used to love visiting.

If possible it would be fantastic to have headsets to hear about the art.

I adore art that the audience can play with and enjoy rather than just viewing and not touching.

I thought the exhibition on Peter McLeavey was excellent.

Better access for the disabled needed. Especially at ground level toilets

The interactive Oh exhibition was the most enjoyable gallery experience i've had for many years.

My first experience at City Gallery Wellington was fantastic. I fell in love with Seung Yul Oh's exhibition, particularly the Sphere Square. In fact, I returned and climbed up to the top to write.

Keep having family friendly exhibitions and exhibitions from local (Wellington and NZ) artists in conjunction with interesting overseas artists.

Very impressed and esp enjoyed the Spoek Mathambo work

I think it is time City Gallery showed more women artists in the main galleries

Blowing up the balloons until they popped was a great experience!!

Absolutely loved the family guide - please do more of these!

We came specifically to see the Churchward Samoa exhibition but were disappointed with the limited number of items on display.

I took my camera in case I was allowed to take pictures, and went nuts - it was a great 15 minutes in amongst those big yellow things!

Compared to other galleries I've been to around the world it's spacious and easy to access information on the exhibits.

Its great to see interactive art like the exhibit currently on. Its been the best exhibit since Yayo Kusama, it also seemed to be one of the busiest i have seen the gallery too.

Have more gigs reflecting Wellington underground bands.

The staff were so friendly and welcoming, it made the entire experience of the exhibition, more satisfying.

Liked the kids books upstairs...

Had a great time, though it would have been helpful to know in advance that one of the exhibits wasn't suitable for under-5s (our daughter is 3). She was a
little bummed not to go on the giant bean bag, but loved the inflatable forest and giant eggs.

I went with two young grandchildren and they were fascinated by the visual movie interaction in some of the exhibits.

I was impressed how the guided tour made us stay longer and experience the exhibition more in depth.

Rachel Healy, Communications Manager