Term 1, 2017


Term 1 and 2

 With the new year, we look ahead to an exciting season of new exhibitions including shows from Colin McCahon and Petra Cortright. Cindy Sherman is open until 19 March. Programmes around this popular exhibition are filling up fast. There are still spaces available at our free secondary school talk on 24 February, when Massey photography lecturers will give a presentation on Sherman’s work. 

From 20 March – 7 April, we’ll be running sculpture trail programmes while our exhibition spaces are closed for install. You can take part in a scavenger hunt in te reo Māori and choose from our variety of hands-on activities and workshops using different materials and techniques. There’s a new shorter programme for years 1-3 too.

In Term 2, we’ll be looking at painting – traditional and digital. Downstairs, we’re excited to bring you an exhibition by Colin McCahon, New Zealand’s most celebrated modernist painter. On Going Out with the Tide will include major works from the 1960s and 1970s which address Māori subjects: motifs, language, histories, and sites. Upstairs, we’ll have digital paintings and video by Petra Cortright. 

Contact Claire or Helen for more information:



Cindy Sherman
Until 19 March 2017

Cindy Sherman Exhibition Tour
1 hour I Secondary students I Free

Critically analyse the technical, formal and conceptual approaches Sherman takes when creating photographs. Consider how aspects of her practice relate to the genres of portraiture, studio photography, fashion photography and photojournalism. Examine ways in which Sherman constructs identity and discuss distinctions between self-portraits and ‘portraits of selves’. Identify and define common characteristics of her practice, and reflect on the various social, political and cultural contexts of her work.

Learning areas: Visual Art, Art History
Themes: Photography, Portraiture, Feminism, Identity.

Cindy Sherman Tour and Photography Workshop
2 hours I All ages I $3

View and discuss Cindy Sherman’s work and explore ideas around characters, stereotypes, and constructed identities. Identify how lighting, background, costume, body language, and expression are manipulated to create different effects. After looking at the archetypes in Sherman’s work, take part in a practical photography workshop to plan, stage and light a portrait image.

Learning areas: Visual Art, English
Themes: Photography, Portraiture, Identity

Cindy Sherman Art and English Programme
1.5 hours I Years 4 - 8 I $3

This new programme is a rich language experience that combines written, verbal, and visual literacy activities. Discover how the artist uses her face as a ‘canvas’, adopting a varied cast of characters. Think about gesture, pose and expression, exploring ideas around characters and archetypes. Take part in individual and group language activities that develop descriptive vocabulary, experiment with language features and extend creative writing skills.

Learning areas: English, Visual Art
Themes: Character, Identity, Representation, Disguise

Secondary Student Talk Visualising Sherman
Monday 20 Feb 10.30 – 11.30am or Friday 24 Feb 1 - 2pm I Free

Massey University photography lecturers Helen Mitchell and Caroline McQuarrie examine Cindy Sherman as observer and observed. Through her constructed portraits, Sherman riffs on popular culture,  film, fashion and painting. This talk contextualises Sherman’s work from its beginnings as part of the ‘pictures generation’ through to the present day and considers her relationship to New Zealand artists such as Yvonne Todd, Lisa Reihana and Greg Semu. Bookings essential.

Please arrange a time to view the exhibition either before or after the talk. Visual analysis worksheets will be available for students to complete in the Gallery.

Portraits and Identity at City Gallery and Te Papa

2.5 hours I Years 7 and up I $6.50
In Term 1 2017,  we’ll be offering a cross-site programme with Te Papa exploring ideas around portraits and identity in photography. At City Gallery, students will look closely at the work of Cindy Sherman, and think about characters and constructed identities. At Te Papa, students will utilise the collections, creative technologies and virtual reality to explore how portraits represent us and how we can manipulate our image to tell a different story.

This programme is available on Mondays and Fridays only until 19 March, at 10am – 12.30pm or 12 – 2.30pm.

For booking enquiries contact Citygalleryeducation@experiencewellington.org.nz


NCEA Photography 2.2 and 2.3 – Portraiture: Constructing, Concealing and Revealing Identities

Cindy Sherman Resource Card.


Public Sculpture Programmes
Available all year

 It is a great time to get outside and take part in one of our sculpture programmes. In each programme, we’ll be discussing a range of public artworks around the Gallery and telling stories of Wellington/Te Whanganui-ā-Tara. Students will consider materials and techniques, and think about public sculpture in the context of its surroundings. We have a choice of tour and workshop programmes:

Sculpture Trail and Sculpture Workshop
2 hours I Years 4 and up I $3

Join us for a sculpture trail and look closely at Tanya Ashken's waterfront sculpure Albatross. Learn about art which has been inspired by living forms then create an imaginative small sculpture using wire and clay. A great workshop to learn about form , space and scale. 

Learning areas: Visual Art, Social Studies
Themes: Living World, Wellington History

Sculpture Trail and Print Making Workshop
2 hours I Years 4 and up I $3

Join us for a sculpture trail and look closely at Para Matchitt's carved wooden sculptures on the City to Sea Bridge. Listen to the legend of Ngake and Whataitai, and take part in a scavenger hunt using te reo Maori. Examine the symbols in Matchitt's work then make a print. A great workshop to learn about pattern. 

Learning areas: Visual Art, Social Studies
Themes: Toi Maori, Te Reo Maori, Maori History, Wellington History

Sculpture Trail and Construction Challenge 
2 hours I Years 4 and up I $3

Join us for a sculpture trail and look closely at the City to Sea Bridge, learning about its forms, shapes and structure. Then take part in our construction challenge – a fast and furious hour of building, lighting, and documenting a temporary structure using stacks of slotted cards. A great workshop to test ideas about weight, balance, and building stable structures. Bring a camera to record your constructions.

Learning areas: Visual Art, Technology, Maths, Social Studies
Themes: Wellington History, Architecture

Junior Sculpture Trail
1 hour I Years 0-3 I Free

Join us for a sculpture trail through Civic Square to the City to Sea Bridge, discovering stories of Wellington’s history along the way. Listen to the legend of Ngāke and Whataitai, and go on a te reo Māori treasure hunt to find carved shapes and symbols. Then, back in the education studio, play with a multitude of shapes to create a design inspired by Para Matchitt’s carved sculptures. Bring a camera to capture your creations.

Learning areas: Visual Art, Social Studies
Themes: Wellington History, Māori History

Term 2

Exhibitions opening Saturday 8 April

Colin McCahon: Ongoing Out With the Tide 
Martino Gamper: 100 Chairs in 100 Days 

Teachers' Preview
Thursday 4 May, 4.30-6.30pm 
We'd love to see you at our upcoming Teachers' Preview. Please RSVP to Claire or Helen

Bookings and enquiries

All programmes can be adapted to suit your interests, contact an educator to discuss your needs.


Claire Hopkins  T: 04 913 9029 
Helen Lloyd   T: 04 913 9031 


Gallery Tour and Workshop programmes begin at 10am and 12.30pm
​Gallery Tours available to suit your timetable