City Gallery

Dance Inspired by Art

Year 5 students from Queen Margaret College

Our students benefited from excellent teachers, lots of ideas and perspectives, and they were totally absorbed in the journey presented to them.
—Leila Morad, Year 5 Teacher, Queen Margaret College.

Why did you visit City Gallery?
Our enquiry was energy, with a focus on visual art and science. We wanted students to understand the positive and negative demands of 3D space and shape, and how time and motion influence artworks.

What did you learn at the Gallery?
Our Gallery Educator facilitated questions and discussions of ideas about time, movement, perception of motion and energy in response to artworks in the Bullet Time exhibition. Students then developed movement skills with dance teacher Lyne Pringle and created dance sequences in the exhibition in response to these themes.

How did you develop learning after the visit?

Students took part in follow-up dance lessons with Lyne to extend the skills developed at the Gallery and create a choreographed dance. Students performed this dance at City Gallery during ANZ Family Day to a crowd of whānau, friends and gallery visitors. The performance was a fantastic way to celebrate students learning.