City Gallery

Glen Hayward: Wish You Were Here

Artist Glen Hayward take us deeper with anecdotes and insights into the works that make up Wish You Were Here. Glen Hayward’s work blends carving, painting and conceptualism to snare the viewer in a standoff around what is real or illusionary, art or not art, profound or absurd. Wish You Were Here focuses on his projects of the last decade which mark a shift away from the making of discrete objects and collections to the construction of whole spaces or environments. Hayward is a wayward art viewer and, in many ways, also a wayward maker of art. His work constantly forces us to look and think again. It offers a kind of everyday mysticism, challenging us to trust in or doubt the validity of the objects or experiences that we encounter in the here and now—especially inside the art gallery but also in the world beyond it.

Glen Hayward: Wish You Were Here on now at City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi until September 11 2022.