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Found image Collages inspired by John Stezaker

'Moving an image from one world into another, it's as if it has forgotten its original function, but retains that trace of its former life,' John Stezaker.

In this workshop students moved an image from one world into another. A pineapple grew button eyes and its mouth popped open. A man turned into a monkey and vice versa. Students explored the creative potential of making unlikely connections inspired by artist John Stezaker’s distinctive collages. The students cut, sliced and rearranged images to create their own found image collages. Collage is a medium that was popularised in the 20th Century. John Stezaker says, 'It's how you might imagine reincarnation or the way you can never quite remember your dreams.' What image could you reincarnate through the medium of collage?

John Stezaker, Clearing, 2017.

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