City Gallery


Art and Memorials at City Gallery and Pukeahu

1 August–31 October

Combine a visit to Brett Graham’s exhibition Tai Moana Tai Tangata at City Gallery with a trip to Pukeahu National War Memorial Park. Explore a variety of sculptures, and memorials to learn about the historical relationships and important events they signify for Aotearoa.  

Students will use creative and critical thinking skills to make personal responses to the sculptures and memorials, considering questions about why and how events or people are memorialised and remembered. 

At City Gallery you will see: 
Brett Graham’s exhibition Tai Moana Tai Tangata which features the sculptures Maungārongo ki te Whenua Maungārongo ki te Tangata and O’Pioneer. 

At Pukeahu you will see: 
Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, Darcy Nicholas’ sculpture Hinerangi and Michael Tuffery’s new Pacific Islands Memorial, Te Reo Hotunui o te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa. 

Full-day / All Ages / $3 per student / 4h
Includes a 1-hour memorial park tour at Pukeahu and a 2-hour gallery tour with practical art workshop at City Gallery (with 1 hour to walk between sites and eat lunch). Students will take part in discussions and activities to learn about and reflect on the significance of sculptures and memorials, as well as experiencing a hands-on sculpture workshop and learning about the sculptural materials and techniques Brett Graham uses. 

Learning Areas: Visual Art, Aotearoa Histories 

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