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Elements of Art – Line [Outreach Workshop or Distance Learning Programme ]


Elements of Art – Line
Term 2 | 2.5 hours 
Years 3-8
Cost per student – $3 for outreach or free to download

Marvel at the complex distorted geometric patterns created by Australian artist Kerrie Poliness and learn how to a geometric line pattern inspired by her work. Then experiment with ways to create playful and unpredictable patterns using different types of line. 

In this distance learning programme students will take a close look at Blue Wall Drawing and learn how this 3-meter-long mural was created by gallery staff for the exhibition Unravelled. Next teachers can use discussion questions to help students think through the big ideas related to Kerrie Poliness artwork and process. Students can then follow step-by-step instructions to create a geometric line pattern inspired by Blue Line Drawing and even devise their own sets of instructions to create unpredictable patterned line drawings 


Activity 1LOOK and discuss Blue Line Drawing by Kerrie Poliness 30mins
Look at Blue Line Drawing by Kerrie Poliness, find out more about the artist and the artwork, and answer discussion questions.

Activity 2: MAKE a geometric line drawing inspired by Kerrie Poliness 1hr
Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a geometric drawing inspired by Blue Wall Drawing

  • Read through all activities before beginning the programme and adapt according to student age or ability.  
  • Times are approximate and will depend on student age and ability. 
  • Activities are split into LOOK and MAKE types and are designed to be taught in the order listed below so that learning can be scaffolded from one activity to the next. 
  • Materials required: A3 paper, variety of wedge tipped and fine tipped markers, pencil, ruler, eraser. (Materials provided as part of the outreach cost if taught by a City Gallery Educator.) 

Share your line drawings with us! Email pictures to Claire and Helen [email protected] or upload and tag us at @CityGalleryWellington and #CityGalleryWellingtonKids on Instagram.