City Gallery


Johnson Witehira Artist Talk

1–2pm, Wed 26 May

Bring your students along to hear Māori artist Johnson Witehira discuss his work and artistic influences. Johnson Witehira is an artist, designer and researcher from Whanganui of Māori and Pākehā (British descent). He is interested in thinking about how Māori, did things in the past, and how Māori might apply customary mātauranga (knowledge) to contemporary problems. His kaupapa (mission) as both an artist and designer is to bring Māori visual culture back into the lives of all Māori. His work, Māoriland Adventures in the exhibition Every Artist addresses the arrival of Maori and Pakeha to Aotearoa via the visual language of arcade games.  His work is prominent in Wellington city with, Waituhi (2013), Those who live in darkness (2014), and Ngā Kākano: the seeds (2017) on public display.

Please note: this talk has been postponed from Wed 12 May.