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Sculpture Tour and Workshop

6 April–28 July

Join us on a creative journey through Eva Rothschild’s eclectic sculptures which sit on plinths, dangle from the ceiling, or tower over the viewer. Discover the variety of sculptural techniques used to create them and the novel materials used: concrete, leather, jesmonite, plastic, resin, spray-painted steel, and upholstered printed fabric. Share ideas about how the artist manipulates form, space, and scale. Students will take part in a hands-on workshop exploring materials and techniques to create their own abstract sculpture.

Years 1–3
Magnetic Shapes
Cut, fold, and stick decorated card and magnetic strips to make a family of 3D shapes that can attach, detach and reattach together. Create a myriad of forms that tower and stack to investigate colour, pattern and structure.

Years 4 upwards
Slotted Shapes

Turn 2D shapes into 3D forms by cutting repeating shapes that can be slotted together in multiple ways to investigate structure and space. Assemble and reassemble sculptures that can tower upwards, sprawl outwards, and then pack down into their own matchbox plinth.