City Gallery


Shaping Abstraction: 2D and 3D Abstraction at City Gallery and Te Papa

29 April–28 July

View and discuss abstraction with a visit to Eva Rothschild: Kosmos and Kaleidoscope: Abstract Aotearoa. Students will examine a wide variety of materials, techniques, and processes, and increase their visual literacy by considering the formal properties of works ranging from large-scale sculpture to a room filled with changing coloured light.

At City Gallery, students will look at work by Eva Rothschild who uses a range of processes such as casting, construction, painting, and carving to create her forms. Influenced by minimal art of the 1960s and 1970s, her works explore the formal language of sculpture including form, shape, colour, structure, and scale.

At Te Papa, students will explore how a wide range of artists have explored pattern, shape, and colour both within the Pacific and beyond. On display are abstract works created using rose petals, balloons, drips of paint, and light.