City Gallery

Past event

Aitu Ball

1 October 2020

Summoning celestial bodies of star dust, emerge from the Nothingness and embody the elements as we battle on the ballroom floor. The runway has been prepared for you to protest, rebel, and celebrate. Vogue! Strut! Serve! Ballroom is coming to Te Whanganui-a-Tara! With DJ ZEKI and judges Khiyara Aitu, Khaos of The Order, Mayoress of Newtown, and Empress Coven-Carangi.


OTA Runway BURN! BURN! BURN! In the spirit of Protest! Bring it to the runway in your interpretation of a fire effect along with a placard with a message. Judged on participants' ability to walk like a supermodel. Open to all.

Virgin Vogue Bring it with an effect in honour of Te Kore; the void, nothingness. Open to participants who have been voguing for less than one year. 

OTA Big Body This is a celebration of luscious, fat, and plus-size bodies in our community. Bring it in your interpretation of an oceanic deity. Judged on confidence and overall effect. Open to all.

OTA Bizarre Creativity! This category asks for extravagance. Pull inspiration from the natural elements and create a non-human, bizarre effect. Open to all.

OTA Vogue Performance Give us the five elements of vogue in a wild animal effect. Open to all.

Doors open at 5pm, Tuatara tasting 5.30pm until 7pm, activation by Pati Solomona Tyrell in Oracles at 6.15pm, and the savagery will kick off at 7.15pm.

Be aware of the government guidelines for travelling. If you’re coming from Auckland, behave as if you’re carrying your extra restrictions with you.