City Gallery

Past event

Art Encounter

Saturday 17 September, 11.30am

Visiting an art gallery can often be an overwhelming experience. From materials to meaning, what you see can be baffling and there is always more to see. Not to mention all the standing required!  

Art Encounters is here to help. In these 30-minute sessions we’ll guide you through a Gallery experience that will have you coming back for more.  

Each session will be an encounter with a single artwork. We’ll spend the time looking, examining, and exploring the elements that make the art work.  

Slow down, look, and wonder, and get to know an artwork more intimately. 

September encounter: Join us this month as we explore the mysteries of Lucy Meyle’s artwork The liver as a mirror to the universe (2022); it’s enigmatic connections to prophesy, early agricultural societies and how living closely with domesticated animals changed the way humans saw their place in the universe.