City Gallery

Past event

BWB Talk: Climate Crisis and Revolution

22 July 2019

Climate crisis is upon us. By choice or necessity, New Zealand will transition to a low-emissions future. But can this revolution be careful? Can it be attentive to the disruptions it inevitably creates? Or will carefulness simply delay and dilute the changes that future people require of us?

Chaired by Thomas Coughlan, this panel explores the politics and practicalities of the low-emissions transition, touching on issues of justice, tikanga, trade-offs, finance, futurism, adaptation, and more. Panellists: David Hall, Amelia Sharman, Dave Frame and Sylvia Nissen.

In partnership with Bridget Williams Books.

Please note: due to maintenance at City Gallery Wellington, entrance to the event will be via our Harris Street door. Unfortunately, this is not wheelchair accessible.