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BWB Talks: Ko Taranaki Te Maunga

20 August 2019

Will people step up now and take the time to learn, know and feel the history of the places they call home?

Rachel Buchanan and Honiana Love (Acting Chief Executive of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision) discuss Ko Taranaki Te Maunga—Buchanan’s acclaimed short book. Hailed as a ‘whakapapa-memoir’, this deeply personal narrative describes her connection to Taranaki—the land and mountain—and the ongoing impact of te pāhuatanga, the invasion of Parihaka.

Rachel Buchanan (Taranaki, Te Ātiawa) is a historian, archivist, journalist and curator. Rachel is the author of The Parihaka Album: Lest We Forget (Huia, 2009) and Stop Press: The Last Days of Newspapers (Scribe, 2013). Between 2015 and 2018, Rachel was Germaine Greer Archive curator at University of Melbourne Archives.

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