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BWB Talks: Treading Water?

24 September 2019

Addressing freshwater quality in New Zealand is now acknowledged as an urgent issue across the political spectrum. But are we actually making progress on this critical issue?

Join Mike Joy, Tina Ngata and Peter Fraser in conversation around the importance of water, taking stock of where we are and the challenges still ahead.

Mike Joy is editor of Mountains to Sea: Solving New Zealand’s Freshwater Crisis and author of BWB Text, Polluted Inheritance: New Zealand’s Freshwater Crisis. Highly regarded as an informed spokesperson for environmental protection, he is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington.

Tina Ngata (Ngāti Porou) is an advocate for environmental, Indigenous and human rights. She promotes Indigenous conservation as best practice for a globally sustainable future and writes frequently at The Non-Plastic Maori.

Economist Peter Fraser is a former public servant and current consultant to various members of the New Zealand Dairy industry. He is presently a senior research fellow at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies.

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