City Gallery


Chosen Family Night

Saturday 17 June, 5pm-9pm

General Admission


Chosen family are the people who understand you, lift you up, celebrate you, help you, and love you, without the need for biological bonds. This event is an invitation to come together, find joy and celebrate the family you’ve made with people you have found.  

A chosen family is a concept particularly meaningful to the rainbow community who often experience alienation from their biological family and community simply for being who they are. We welcome all to this event who want to celebrate the family they’ve made but this event is particularly for our rainbow communities, and we are excited to present work with local organisations on the night’s schedule.  

Saturday 17 June, 5pm-9pm | $10 

5 - 9pm    Exhibition open, bar & food truck Serving and tunes from our DJ.         

5 - 8pm    Rainbow Revelations  

5pm    Tīwhanawhana Trust 

6pm    Queer Highlights Tours – Reuben Paterson: The Only Dream Left 

6 - 8.30pm   Life’s a Drag Life Drawing 

6.30pm   The Glamaphones 

7pm    Local Stories

8pm    Art Encounter: David  

Rainbow Revelations 

Release your inner creativity with our Rainbow Revelations scratch cards. What lies beneath the surface in your imagination? Your dark, blank page is all possibilities! Scratch away your design to reveal hidden fabulous colours and brightness.   

Tīwhanawhana Trust 

Tīwhanawhana are a takatāpui community group based in Wellington that welcomes people of diverse sexualities and gender identity. Join them in the gallery foyer in the early evening for a rousing, proud performance. 

Queer Highlights Tours 

Join us for a guided tour of Reuben Paterson’s exhibition The Only Dream Left. Made in celebration of exchange and encounter, hybridity and fluidity, spirituality and sexuality, Paterson’s work revolves around the relationships we have with our bodies, desires and cultures—and those we share or negotiate with others

Life’s a Drag Life Drawing 

Sometimes life’s a drag, but with a little glitz and glamour we can make it simply fabulous. Grab some drawing materials throughout the night and get sketchy as drag performers hold a pose and strut their stuff. Life's a Drag Life Drawing is made possible by the generous support of Gordon Harris Wellington.

The Glamaphones 

The Glamaphones are a rainbow community choir based in Wellington who share an emphasis on participation, inclusion and building our LGBTQI+ community. The Glamaphones sing a range of music including; pop, classical, spirituals, world, choral, musical and jazz classics.

Local Stories 

Sometimes hidden, forgotten or erased, take a seat and explore Wellington’s rich rainbow history. Join us to hear from Gareth Watkins, Kerryn Pollock and Will Hansen as they share their passion for unveiling and sharing rainbow history through local stories.  

Art Encounter: David   

Visiting an art gallery can often be an overwhelming experience, but Art Encounter is here to help!

Join us for this late-night edition of Art Encounter as we take a closer look at Reuben Paterson’s David (2012). One of several glittering creatures who have found a niche habitat in The Only Dream Left, come face-to-face with this our resident bear and hear the many worlds she might be found to roam.   

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