City Gallery

Past event

Conversations about Contemporary Art

Fridays 16 September, 12pm

What is contemporary art? How do you look at artworks that you are unsure even is art? How do you make sense of art, is sense even required? In this monthly tour and talk series, participants are invited to analyse and debate art, discussing delightful and curly questions along the way.   

Join us for a short, entertaining look at part of our current exhibitions followed by a conversation in our boardroom. No knowledge of art history is required. This is a tour for people even if they are not sure contemporary art is their cup of tea – followed by a cup of tea. Or coffee. And a biscuit.     

Bookings are encouraged.  

September topic: Join us this month as we look deeper into the links between Art and Ecology. Together well unearth how artists in the 20th and 21st centuries express ecological concerns for the natural world in their artwork, and explore their affinities with other species through art making practices.