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Family Day

Saturday 20 April, 11am-3pm

Our popular Family Day is back for April! Come to City Gallery Wellington for a day of experiences and encounters this Family Day. From 11am–3pm there will be a range of activities and pop-ups happening through the Gallery for you to discover.

Join us for a day of fun and creativity that the whole whānau can enjoy.

Code Making + Breaking (Drop-in)
Get inspired by Julia Morison’s Vademecum II and create your own impenetrable code! Challenge your whānau to break it and discover your secret message.

Create A Character (Drop-in)
Design your own artistic mascot, just like Turbo Croc. Using the templates/prompts provided, you can draw, cut out and create an animalistic muse.

Strange Sights (Drop-in)
Things in an art gallery can look a little… weird. Some of them might not look like they should! Can you finish these pictures and show what you think they should look like?

Make Your Mark (Drop-in)
Explore your alter-ego and create a secret tag for yourself on our blackboard. Get thinking about the name you’ve always wanted or the person you’ve always wanted to be and be it!

Sparkly Storytime with Queen Olivia 11.30am & 2.30pm
Join us for a sparkly, vibrant and fabulous storytime with Wellington icon, Queen Olivia Redfern Bourgeois Connie St Redfern III. Hear colourful stories under the gaze of Turbo Croc 2.0.

Chill Out Zone | Boardroom (Drop-in)
Do you and your adults need a space to rest from all the excitement? The Chill Out Zone is here to help! Enjoy some relaxing downtime with a book in our low-sensory space before you head back out.

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