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Film Screening: Les Yeux sans Visage (Eyes without a Face)

19 March 2017

1960, Dir. Georges Franju, 1hr 30min, M Violence and horror

A rogue surgeon develops a full facial transplant procedure to restore his daughter’s hideously disfigured face. But first he needs to find some donors. Fun fact: While making the video for his soft rock homage to the film, Billy Idol’s contact lenses fused to his eyeballs. He required a cornea-scraping operation.

—Aaron Lister

Part of the Cindy Sherman Film Programme

Sundays 15 January – 19 March 2017

This programme includes six films selected by Cindy Sherman that have informed her practice and seven selected by Curator Aaron Lister that are almost impossible to watch without thinking about her work. Both have provided descriptions to accompany their selections.

Scary movies. Strange characters. Fierce women. Odd behavior. Obscured stories. Innovative filmmaking. I think these are the characteristics that tie together all the films that are my favorites, all the films that inspire me. They inspire me to create characters, tell stories without words, playing attraction off repulsion, letting the viewer discover the story (or making it hard for them).

—Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman selected these films for the screening programme that accompanied her 2012 retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

In association with Cindy Sherman.