City Gallery

Past event

From Scratch: Heart’Heart’Heart Dress Rehearsal

8 March 2019

From Scratch’s finale performance From Scratch: Heart'Heart'Heart has sold out, but due to demand, we’re now releasing tickets to Friday evening’s dress rehearsal.

Please note, as with all final rehearsals, there may be some stop/start moments.

From Scratch present a finale performance on the closing weekend of 555 Moons, exploring multiple sonic spaces within City Gallery. They perform early and new rhythm works on invented instruments—from slaptubes, drums, and bells to nundrums, sprongs, gloops, fipplewhistles, zitherums, and more. Their performances have been described as ‘among the greatest in any art form to come out of this country’. Come witness a mesmerising performance that is part sculpture, part music, part ritual.

Doors open at 7.30pm.

Running time: 80min

Fully booked.