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Tuatara Open Late: Itinerarium

3 December 2020

Terminal is a point of departure and arrival for the musicians and sonic artists in Itinerarium, a homage to Brian Eno’s Music for AirportsBook now to reserve your place or simply turn up on the day.

From the steady-state reverie of the ambient tradition, to the noisescapes of contemporary air travel and infrastructure, and on to the unsettling environmental ambiences of lounges and gates, Itinerarium reflects and amplifies the affective and acoustic experiences of airports. Extending, exploring and contradicting the themes and materials of the exhibition, these performances by some of New Zealand’s finest sound-based artists offer an auditory portal into the experiential envelope of Terminal.

Artists: Emma Bernard (Ludus), Dugal McKinnon, Jim Murphy, Thomas Voyce (Rhombus Productions), Sonya Waters, Jack Woodbury.