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Past event

McCahon’s Prophetic Voice: Laurence Simmons

24 June 2017

Laurence Simmons responds to Colin McCahon: On Going Out with the Tide, considering McCahon’s work in relation to prophecy. For Simmons, McCahon does not merely depict the great Māori prophets, but actually identifies with them, understanding his own work as prophecy and even performatively bringing about their prophecies in his work.

Laurence Simmons is Professor of Film Studies at the University of Auckland. He has written widely on contemporary New Zealand art and is currently writing a book with Rex Butler on McCahon's afterlife.

Make an afternoon of it and join Laurence Simmons as he introduces the screening of Runaway at 4.30pm at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, corner of Ghuznee and Taranaki Streets.