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Past event

More than Human: Panel Discussion

4 February 2021

For February's Tuatara Open Late, writer Tim Corballis leads a panel discussion exploring the implications for art and the environment. Western philosophy has often stressed a separation between consciousness and its objects, humans and everything else. However, in this time of widespread health and environmental emergency, our Zac Langdon-Pole and Simon Ingram shows ask us to adopt a less-chauvinist, less-anthropocentric attitude.


Tim Corballis is a novelist, art writer, and lecturer in the Centre for Science in Society at Victoria University of Wellington. His most recent novel is Our Future Is in the Air, and he is currently researching the political aesthetics of scientific imagery.

Emalani Case is a Lecturer in Pacific Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. As a Hawaiian woman, scholar, activist, writer, blogger, and dancer, she is deeply engaged in issues of indigenous rights and representation, dietary colonialism and food sovereignty, art and activism, political independence, and environmental and social justice.

Olivier Gasser is group leader in translational immunology’ at Wellington's Malaghan Institute of Medical Research. He leads the nutrition and microbiome research programme, focusing on the microbiome's impact on immune development and homeostasis in humans.

Janine Randerson is Associate Professor in Art and Design at AUT University and chair of Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous in Tāmaki Makarau Auckland. Her book Weather as Medium: Toward a Meteorological Art examines art works that offer sensory engagement with future weathers, while creating openings for action in the present.