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Past event

NZIA City Talks: It’s still a Good Idea

Monday 17 October, 6pm

City Gallery Wellington is excited to partner with the Wellington Branch of the NZIA to present City Talks.   

It’s still a Good Idea: Making Housing in the City for the way people want to live 

Bronwen Newton and Jesse Matthews are co-founders of the Urban Habitat Collective - a group of Wellingtonians attempting to collectively build a co-housing apartment building in central Wellington. Driven by the twenty-five households who want to live there, the building is designed to be beautiful, warm, dry, and environmentally responsible; it includes green spaces, shared spaces, and supports community and good living.  A friendly challenge to the traditional New Zealand housing dream, we believe that many people want to live in modern homes and to do all the things we do in suburban homes, but close to the amenities of the city.  We hope to show that with a different set of priorities to a normal developer a different type of apartment building can be created.