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Observatories through Time: From Stonehenge to the Hubble: Lecture at Tuatara Open Late

4 July 2019

Haritina Mogoșanu

Join us for this lecture as part of July's Tuatara Open Late.

People have always looked at the night sky, and, in an effort to understand it, have built sanctuaries ranging from stone constructions to dark-sky reserves. Historically, observatories enabled us to see astronomical objects at visible wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Modern astrophysics has extended the field beyond anything our ancestors could have imagined. Haritina Mogoșanu explores observatories through time and our curiosity about the matter constituting both humans and stars.

In association with Eva Rothschild: Kosmos and Semiconductor: The Technological Sublime.

Haritina Mogoșanu is an astrobiologist. She creates networks that engage space scientists with communities through hands-on programmes. She is Director of the New Zealand Astrobiology Network and of Milky-Way.Kiwi. She also organises New Zealand–led missions at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. She came to New Zealand from Romania for the night sky and has been working at Space Place at Carter Observatory since 2005, engaging thousands of young New Zealanders with space sciences. Asteriod 7101 Haritina is named after her.