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Rangihīroa Panoho: Writing Māori Art

25 August 2016

Last year saw the publication of Rangihīroa Panoho’s long-awaited book, Māori Art: History, Architecture, Landscape and Theory. This ambitious, expansive, and handsome book bridges historical, customary and contemporary to offer a new, distinctively Māori perspective on Māori art. It’s a major contribution to the field. Formerly a curator at Whanganui​'s Sarjeant Gallery and a lecturer in Art History at the University of Auckland, Panoho is joined in conversation by art historian Peter Brunt (Victoria University) and curator Megan Tamati-Quennell (Te Papa).

Signed copies of Panoho’s book available for purchase.

Visit Bateman Publishing to read more about Māori Art: History, Architecture, Landscape and Theory.