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Screening: Horizon/tal

19 May 2019

Much of Semiconductor’s work looks into the distance (into the atmosphere and space) and into the depths (deep down into the Earth). But it also reminds us of the limits to what we see and perceive. This programme of short films by other artists explores some of these limits through the theme of the horizon and the horizontal. Curated by Catherine Fowler, Associate Professor in Film, University of Otago, in response to Semiconductor: The Technological Sublime. Fowler will introduce the films.

Peter Miller Set (Canada, 2016)
Alia Syed Panopticon Letters: Missive I (UK, 2012)
Mohamad Hafeda Sewing Borders (Lebanon, 2018)
Polly Stanton The Spectral Field (Australia, 2017)
Rachel Rose Everything and More (USA, 2015)

Running time: 84 minutes.

Read Fowler's blog introducing this programme.