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Square Eyes School Holiday Screenings: Peter and the Wolf & The Magic Piano

10:30am, Tuesday 13 July

Our friends at the Square Eyes Film Foundation are back again to share whānau friendly cinematic magic these school holidays. Come along and enjoy these two stop-motion long-shorts. 


Dir: Suzie Templeton, 2006 32 mins,  

PG (May not be suitable for youngest audiences. Moments of suspense and tension. Use of guns and instances of bullying) 

Recommended for ages 7+ 

When lonely Peter sneaks away from his over-protective grandfather, it's up to his only friends, a bird and a duck, to help him outsmart the menacing wolf. 

Sergei Prokofiev's timeless story of the irreverent Peter has resonated deeply with generations of children, enchanted by its power and brilliant musical score. This innovative Oscar®-winning film of extraordinary imagination brings familiar characters to emotionally affecting modern-day life with masterful use of stop-motion technique and lifelike puppets.  

Dir: Martin Clapp, 2011, 31 minutes 

PG Recommended for ages 7+ 

The soaring tale of Anna, and her cousin Chip Chip, who take off into the open skies and travel the globe on a flying piano in search of Anna's father.  

This virtuosic stop-motion masterpiece is set to Chopin's Etudes, played by renowned pianist Lang Lang, and features some of the most advanced puppet animation footage ever achieved, including the longest continuous Puppet Animation shot in history.  

Presented in partnership with BreakThru Films 

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