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Stroma: Maximum Minimalism

19 October 2017

Stroma explores the scintillating sounds of the minimalist movement in the beautiful spaces of City Gallery Wellington. Stroma will perform the hypnotic, immersive works of Steve Reich, Julia Wolfe, Alison Isadora and Eve de Castro-Robinson, as well as give a rare performance of Terry Riley’s In C.



  • Steve Reich: Double Sextet for ensemble
  • Julia Wolfe: Lick for ensemble
  • Alison Isadora: New work for string quartet
  • Eve de Castro-Robinson: Four Marimbulations for solo marimba
  • Terry Riley: In C for ensemble

Featuring Hamish McKeich (conductor)

Please note: the event date has changed. This performance was originally scheduled for Thursday 28 September. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.