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The World’s Way of Revealing Itself: Art/Science Panel Discussion at Tuatara Open Late

2 May 2019

As part of May's Tuatara Open Late, writer Tim Corballis leads a panel discussion titled ‘The World’s Way of Revealing Itself’, riffing on art, data, science and the ways we view the natural world.

Tim is joined by astrophysicist Pauline Harris, writer and biologist, Danyl McLauchlan, and artist Joyce Campbell. 

Tim and his guests will ask: what is the relationship between scientific data and our everyday experience of the world? What other ways do we have of feeling connected to the world around us? Are there things that art, mātauranga Māori or other perspectives can teach us that science cannot? And more.

Tim Corballis is a novelist, art writer, and lecturer in the Centre for Science in Society at Victoria University of Wellington. His most recent novel is Our Future is in the Air (VUP 2017), and he is currently conducting research on the political aesthetics of scientific imagery.

Tuatara Open Late is our monthly late night mix of art, music, books, film, beer, wine and food. This month’s line up includes an art/science panel, exhibition tours, a programme of experimental short films, Samuel’s live performance, Radio Active FM DJ and supper treats.


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