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Tuatara Open Late

Thursday 4 August, 5pm-10pm

Enjoy a late night at City Gallery Wellington with Tuatara Open Late. The Gallery comes alive with art, music, film, talks with beer, wine, and food to keep you going. Take the time to explore our exhibitions with galleries open until 10pm and experience the changing programme of late-night events 

We are thrilled to be hosting artist Cushla Donaldson for a live performance as well as a screening of her and Quentin Lind's film Neighbourhood of Truth.

Cushla Donaldson’s live performances juxtapose storytelling with the traditions of naturalistic horror theatre, subverting colonial narratives to expose the violent reality that underpin them. The ensemble of personal, social, historical and political events that the artist reflects, query the dominant narratives of society and the institution.

Cushla Donaldson and Quentin Linds's film Neighbourhood of Truth unveils sensitivities and fractures within the New Zealand settler colonial psyche and its ideologies and what they might mean for the self-determination of working-class New Zealanders.  

Boundaries and journeying are explored in the works of Hendrix Hennessy-Ropiha and Dayle Palfreyman in Tilia. Pushing beyond their gallery spaces, these two artists have invited others to speak to and extend the ideas and themes of the exhibition through presenting their own practices. Over the evening the space outside Tilia will be activated with a series of musical, movement, performance and sonic responses. Join us as Tobias Allen, Braedyn Togi, Holly Walker and Ilish Thomas navigate the exhibition and experience of it through their own work.

Response will happen on the hour from 6pm.

Thursday 4 August, 5-10pm | Koha

6.00pm Response to Tilia with Braedyn Togi

6.30pm  Me and You Copy Paste Performance 

7.00pm  Response to Tilia with Tobias Allen

8.00pm  Response to Tilia with Holly Walker  

8.30pm  Neighbourhood of Truth Screening 

9.00pm  Response to Tilia with Ilish Thomas

Please help us in supporting our communities’ well-being by wearing a mask and observing social distancing where possible while visiting.