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Tuatara Open Late

Thursday 2 November, 4pm-10pm

Start the evening with our Art Bite Tour showcasing some selected works from our new exhibitions, continue to be thrilled and chilled with a performance of the uncanny Tales from Nowhereland by artist Ted Mills, City Gallery’s occasional Book Club returns as we dive into the antipodean folk horror of Eerie Pageantry and expand your horizons with our drop-in miniature painting session. End the night with live music by the charismatic duo BIRDPARTY.

Drop into our Sketch and Paint activity inspired by Angela Lane’s small landscapes which are grounded in the real world but gesture towards otherworldly experiences. Mysterious messengers or omens hover in the skies, just in sight but almost always beyond our comprehension. Channel the enigma of these works with a chance to create a miniature landscape painting. 

Join us for this short tour where we take a closer look at an artwork or idea from our current exhibitions. One of our expert staff will offer this focused exploration that will fire your imagination and curiosity and leave you hungry for more. 

Explore with our expert tour guide in our highlights tour of our new season exhibitions: Eerie Pageantry and Angela Lane: Phosphene. Spend time with selected artworks in each exhibition for insight into the artists’ work and what drives the ideas that inform their practices.

Ted Mills is a filmmaker, artist, and writer originally from Santa Barbara, CA. In Tales from Nowhereland, Mills presents a live performance of beguiling short stories that reach into the uncanny and which are both disquieting and wickedly funny. 

City Gallery’s occasional Book Club returns. Inspired by the dualities that sit at the dark heart of the folk horror genre through the lens of Roland Hugh Morrison’s 1963 New Zealand folk horror masterpiece The Scarecrow. Chaired by Maggie Tweedie, our panellists: writer Pip Adam, and filmmaker and artist Ted Mills will share their thoughts on the novel and the enduring, unsettling draw of antipodean gothic sensibilities in literature and art.

End the night with live music from BIRDPARTY. Underpinned by sample-based beats and acoustic drums, BIRDPARTY brings together the unlikely merging of extreme metal musician William Barrett (Heresiarch) and electronic artist Emma Bernard (Ludus) explore the realms between to produce a cinematic semi-industrial soup.

All this along with our regular fixtures; Tuatara beers, Matahiwi estate wine, food truck and sounds from a RadioActive DJ.

Thursday 2 November, 4.00pm-10.00pm | $10 pre-sales | $12 door sales

4.00pm DJ, Exhibitions, Shop, Bar and Taco Addicts Food Truck open

4.30pm-5.00pm Art Bite Tour

5.00pm-9.00pm Sketch & Paint: Strange Skies

5.30pm-6.15pm Exhibition Tour: Summer Season Highlights

6.30pm-7.00pm Ted Mills: Tales from Nowhereland

7.30pm-8.00pm Book Club: Eerie Pageantry

8.45pm-9.45pm Live Music: BIRDPARTY

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