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Past event

What if the City Was a Theatre?: Thing Power: Post-Humanism and City Performance

14 February 2021

'Citybeing' is a web that extends beyond the human to include animals, weather systems, plants, architecture, and inanimate objects. How can we include such non-human as place-shaping agents in discussions about the city? What are the limitations of the current academic notion of 'post-humanism', when indigenous knowledge acknowledged the spirits of places long ago? This panel of artists, scholars, and performers asks how we might engage in reciprocal relationships with the non-human elements we live alongside.

This panel is part of What if the City Was a Theatre? In this three-day symposium, the city features as both a space of performance and a space performing itself. Participants discuss topics as varied as housing, post-humanism, city performance, urban architectures, poetry, and kaitiakitanga, while engaging with What if the City Was a Theatre? performances throughout Wellington. RSVPs appreciated. For further information about the symposium, click here.