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Past exhibition

Andrew Drummond and Noel Lane: Between Rocks and Glass Houses

16 May–26 July 1992

CURATOR Greg Burke

Between Rocks and Glass Houses—a collaborative installation by architect Noel Lane and sculptor Andrew Drummond—explores 'the boundaries of the senses using space and time … the relationship between elements, openness to outer, inner to closure, skin to bone’. 

The installation is intimidating to enter—you have to walk through a narrow boundary of stakes shaved off non-native trees, which act as sentinels. 

A recycled window frame hangs from the ceiling, with rocks perched upon it. A wall frame lies, tilted on the floor, resting on rocks. A rock has fallen onto a pane of glass, whose shattered shards splay out. Pristine glass panels lean against another wall, casting beautiful shadows.

A willow ball, like a tumbleweed, sits in the corner of the installation. It was the first work Lane and Drummond made for the show. Drummond says, 'Visually and physically the process was quite beautiful—the intimate embracing of this growing object’. Lane says, 'It's warm, it's soft, it is the wild card in the installation and it is also the most personal, approachable thing in the installation.’

Curator Greg Burke says, 'Their installation focuses on the social and environmental considerations of architecture and highlights an interaction between the organic nature of building materials and the symbolic potential of building structures.’

Following Home Made Home and Brodsky and Utkin: Palazzo Nero, the show continues the Gallery's recent focus on the interaction of art and architecture.