City Gallery

Past exhibition

Touch Me Baby I’m Bodycentric, A Multimodalplosion

5 February–21 April 2013

ARTISTS Chicks on Speed, Lisa Walker

Chicks on Speed—Australian Alex Murray-Leslie and American Melissa Logan—and New Zealander Lisa Walker have history. They met while studying at the Munich Art Academy in the 1990s. Together, they established Seppi Bar, a mobile art-bar that popped up in locations around Munich.

Soon after, Murray-Leslie and Logan formed Chicks on Speed with Kiki Morse. While collaborators have come and gone over the years, Murray-Leslie and Logan remain the core members. They're known for their electroclash music and garish punky-crafty art. They’ve exhibited and performed around the world. They’ve released numerous singles, albums, and music videos; established a record label; created album-cover art for other musicians; worked with independent fashion and jewellery labels; and published books.

In 2010, after fifteen years in Munich, Walker returned to Wellington. Her work as a jeweller has garnered a strong following in New Zealand, while she continues to exhibit internationally. She has collaborated with Chicks on Speed previously, most recently culminating in a performance at Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam, to mark the opening of her 2011 show, Wearable.